Toi Te Waiora have announced the grace period for First Aid is to remain at 3 months.


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During your time with MediTrain you may hear some new words. Here are explanations of some of them. If you read or hear anything else you don’t understand, just ask us.


A course comprises different learning and assessment activities and leads to a qualification. A MediTrain first aid course typically comprises a first aid course (face-to-face component of the course) and a self-directed learning module (usually completed by students in their own time). Upon successful completion of all course components, students are issued a certificate of completion and, if requested, NZQA unit standard credits.


A student is an alternative term for attendee, learner or course participant.


NZQA means the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. The NZQA is a New Zealand government crown entity responsible for:

• managing the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF)

•             administering the New Zealand secondary school assessment system

•             independent quality assurance of non-university tertiary education providers

•             overseas qualifications recognition and

•             standard-setting for some specified unit standards.

Private Training Establishment

MediTrain is a Private Training Establishment (PTE). Private Training Establishments are registered with the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and deliver training that has been approved by NZQA. Private Training Establishments are registered under sections 232D-236 of the Education Act 1989 and the Private Training Establishment Registration Rules 2018.

Revalidation/refresher training

First aid certificates are valid for two years. To be eligible for recertification training, a student must hold a valid first aid certificate that is no older than 2 years and 3 months. Revalidation training can only revalidate the existing certificate. If a certificate is not renewed within three calendar months from the second anniversary date of issue, the student will have to complete full workplace first aid training.

Student Learning Pack

The self-directed learning module is a component of Workplace First Aid or Workplace Revalidation courses which is taught through a combination of home and classroom learning. The student learning pack has two parts that are provided in two separate documents: (1) an information pack, and (2) worksheet. Students are provided both documents. The completed worksheet must be submitted by the student.

First aid course

A first aid course includes both the self-directed learning module and the face-to-face component conducted in a classroom setting.